As we head into the holiday season, it’s important to remember that drinking cocktails is not a new thing. In fact, drinking cocktails until inebriated was common enough in St. Louis in 1901 that they felt the need to publish a list of ways to describe that state of intoxication. Recently the list was republished in the Huffington Post and was especially interesting as a lot of this slang is still used in my family. Got to love those eccentric Southern relatives who enjoy their ‘personality drinks!’

They are full of pig iron and caraway seed

They are full of pig iron and caraway seed!

Here’s the list in case you’re tired of just saying someone was wasted – study it well – there are some really excellent descriptors in here! Personally, I want to bring back “he was measuring sidewalks upside down!” and I think we’ve all “had marbles in our mouths.”

He is intoxicated.

He is inebriated.

He is tipsy.

He is full.

He is loaded.

He is jagged.

He is fuddled.

He is tight.

He is topheavy.

He is stewed.

He is half shot.

He is half gone.

He is overcome.

He is overtaken.

He is primed.

He is afflicted.

He is elevated.

He is exhilarated.

He is genial.

He is happy.e is mellow.

He is corned.

He is beery.

He is winy.

He is groggy.

He is boozy.

He is soaked.

He is chock-a-block.

He is lushy.

He is muggy

He is boryeyed.

He is cockeyed.

He is muddled.

He is jiggered.

He is foggy.

He is hazy.

He is dizzy.

He is dazed.

He is stunned.

He is moory.

He is dopy.

He is ossified.

He is petrified.

He is paralyzed.

He has a (glorious or elegant) jag on.

He has a load on.

He has a skate on.

He has a bun on.

He has a brannigan on.

He has a shine on.

He has an edge on.

He has a skin full.

He has got a cup too much.

He has looked on the wine when it was red.

He has a bee in his bonnet.

He has an applejack gait.

He has been taking a little of Paddy’s eye water or of red eye.

He has been crooking his elbow.

He has more sail than ballast.

He has his main-brace well spliced.

He has the sun in his eye.

He can’t see a hole in the ladder.

He can’t lie down without holding on.

He is half-seas over.

He is three sheets in the wind.

He is on the beam end.

He is under the influence of the weather.

He is over the bay.

He is in his cups.

He is in his pots.

He is off his trolley.

He is off his nut.

He is on a drunk.

He is on a spree.

He is on a bender.

He is on a racket.

He is on a tear.

He is on the ran-tan.

He is on the ree-raw.

He is feeling his oats.

He is full of mountain dew.

He is full of dope.

He is full of forty-rod booze.

He is full of Jersey lightning.

He is full of tangle-foot.

He is full of bug-juice.

He is as full as a tick.

He is as full as a goat.

He is as full as a bedbug.

He is as drunk as a lord.

He is as drunk as a boiled owl.

He is as drunk as David’s sow.

He is week (wobbly) on his pins.

He is all mops and brooms.

He is about to cast up his accounts.

He had a bird.

He had a peach.

He had a bundle.

He had a beaut.

He had a sosh on.

He had a still on.

He had been sapping up.

He fell from grace.

He fell off the water wart.

He has been licking up.

He was out of business.

He had broken out again.

He was down and out.

He was all to the bad.

He had been hitting the hard stuff.

He had too much tamarack.

He was up against it.

He was tanked up.

He had been fighting the booms.

He was fixed all right.

He was put under the table.

He couldn’t navigate.

He was tacking.

He was up in the air.

He is disguised.

He is stewed.

He is bemused.

He is beargeared.

He is bowned.

He has been dallying with the black bottle.

He is podgy.

He is swiped.

He is obfuscated.

He is dagg’d.

He is weary.

He has been in the sun.

He has drunk more than he has bled.

He is one and thirty.

He made indentures with his legs.

He has got the gravel rash.

He drank till he gave up his half-penny.

He is “nulled.”

He is “soshed.”

He is “hot as winks.”

He is “crapulent.”

He is “maggoty.”

He is full of pig iron and caraway seed.

He is off on a bat.

He is too full for utterance.

He is off his base.

He has got marbles in his mouth.

He is full of prunes.

He is loaded to the hilt.

He don’t know his name from a hill of beans

He has been hugging the bar.

He has been blowing himself like a drunken sailor.

He has been giving an imitation of a man trying to sober up.

He has been feeding his face with bar glasses.

His birthday drunk.

He has been drinking through Shagrun’s thimble.

He has been to a session with the Tanks.

He had too much fish bait.

He went beyond the limit.

He has been trying to beat John Barleycorn

He has got more than the law allows.

He has been rushing the growler once too often.

He has been measuring sidewalks upside down.

He is holding up his head so as not to lose any.

He has a champagne appetite and beer income drunk.

He has a cold tea drunk.

He has a pink tea drunk.

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